The perfect warrior, is all combined.
MMA has become a huge global phenomenon over a short space
of time, and followed by more and more, what most people seem to forget do is that MMA is certainly not a new sport! Throughout the ages, different styles of martial arts, boxing and wrestling have competed against each other to see which style is best. Unarmed combat sports were common  in Roman times and in ancient Greece, Egypt, India, Thailand and Japan.
MMA today combines various martial arts. Rather than fighters being
highly skilled in just one martial art, MMA fighters know several to be an effective fighter. A successful MMA fighter is able to punch, block and kick using kick-boxing techniques, grapple like a wrestler and perform
submissions  judo- Jiu Jitsu style.

This allows them to carry on fighting even if they are out of their comfort zone. MMA fighters need to know aspects of many martial arts to be successful. Bruce Lee pioneered combining elements of different martial arts to adapt to any style, depending on the opponent. But that dosnt mean hes the father of MMA.  Hes shurely part of it, no doubt.
Remember that MMA was considered as a new addition for the 2004 Olympics under the banner Pankration,(ancient Greek name for a combined wrestling and boxing ) what happend with that, would be nice to get some golden medalions, however, becouse of a vast number of new sports suggested, our sport was not introduced, instead they did some girlyfluf sport, can you believe it.
Dont get me wrong i LOVE seeing girls do sport, especialy girls MMA. Girls you rock, keep it up, hopefuly in some near future we will go Olympics.
Like most of you know im a real hardcore MMA lover, so if i can get more people to join and practis the sport for bether, the problem is that sooo many scools rise up and claim to teach the sport right, hmm it might be, im not saying its not, but mostley if your new they dont realy take the time to teach you the basics.
How many learned the basics in a rush, and not realy getting it down right, so it troubled them i their grow just becouse the trainer had a full , already advanced class and had more time for them than you, believe me its like 70%, thats why most stop after a month or 3, or some have to corrigate their style after a few years becouse it aint right, lost time.
Ok, it took myself some time too, but i had  a great training  becouse the trainer realy had time to teach me and 4 other guys, ther where not so much students, lucky us,  lately my cousens want to train and get into the MMA world and they asked me what to do , how to train and such , and as the youth these days want it all as easy as possible, like playing a playstation game or so, they asked me if the info they saw online was accuret. pffffffffff,, online?...
I was always thought that one goes to te gym and sweat, cry , bleed  and thats training. but when i checked the net out it shoced me how much crap they sell online, its unbelieveble, from the like 38 training programs i reviewd only 3 stood out, and Jeff Joslin´s  MMA Quick Start Program is a leading one, its easy to understand and very detailed, like you have a trainer next to you , just for you, wow, whats better than that.
My cousens enjoyd id and still do , the beauty of it all they realy learnd MMA skills and not just some bla bla , no real skills, and they got good at it to, and thats just in 6 weeks they still have 6 weeks to go to complete the program.
My advise after seeing this, anyone can follow Jeff´s training and it realy pays off, you know what just get a coppy for your self, follow the program and finnish the 12 weeks program, then come back and tell me if it wasnt good for you...
Go get your coppy NOW...and LIVE your MMA dream.

Life´s short, dont spend it thinking  instead of doing.

Miguel Angel Torres.

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